I help women feel more empowered during pregnancy, birth and beyond using  for my skills as a wellbeing specialist and HypnoBirthing practitioner. This helps women understand how their bodies are perfectly designed for birth and I help them realise this innate gift, so that they are more in tune with their babies and bodies. The result is a happier more balanced pregnancy and an empowering birth.


Happy mum = happy relaxed baby


It is no exaggeration to say that I don’t think that we would have got through Bellas birth without Cath. Her meticulous preparation and constant support gave us huge confidence and wellbeing at a time when we had no prior experience and plenty of anxious feelings. Caths style of birth support is unique and is an absolute necessity for anyone wanting a natural birth. Looking back I would have paid ten times what the support cost me, it was such unbelievable value.



Rob and Anna Tywman

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